Do you know that God sees a BIGGER picture of Covid 19 than we do?
Of course you know that.

If you believe God is sovereign, have you considered ALL THE THINGS God is accomplishing thru C19?
-Just look at all the areas in your life, impacted since early 2020.
-Look at how much of the world has been touched by it.

You know, what is going on isn’t all “bad.”
-Families have been stuck together, and MANY have weathered it well.
-Ministries have stepped out of the box, so they can do ministry better.
-Businesses have become much more efficient.

And, of course, there has been a lot of “bad” stuff too.
-Many folk’s families have been irreparably changed.
-Lots of businesses have closed down forever.

May I put a different “spin” on the deaths which have occurred from the CORONAVIRUS?
-Simply put, I believe God is using this as a time to take people home to HIM.

I know your question. You are grumpy at God asking HIM, “Why, Lord. Why did You Take my loved one?”

Let me lovingly remind you that NOTHING takes God by surprise.
-That HIS will is not always our will.
-That HIS way is not always our way.
-That HE is big enough to handle your grumpiness.

But, ALWAYS remember, because God loves us we trust HIM.
-In my latest novel, Divided Nation, all the characters (except the villains), repeat this and find peace from it, “Because God loves us we trust HIM.”

I would simply add this, “Why belongs to God.” Don’t get cranked up trying to figure out the “whys.”

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