postpicture-GregH-ThePray-ersNow Now I admit, that in this photo he looks like a harmless little fuzz-ball.

But I know him!

And that is NOT always the case . . . By the way, I’m talking about the adult here, not the child.

The adult is a friend of mine, a missionary in Honduras. I took a team down there and along the way this little guy found a friend in, well, the “harmless little fuzz-ball” we know as Greg Hines. In addition to being a missionary down there he and his wife are strongly encouraging the economy with Abundant Life Coffee.

But FORGET about his good deeds for a minute, and forget that an impressionable young kid could think that Greg is a harmless little fuzz-ball, I got a call from him the other day. You see, when I was down there I left him one of my books, you know, as a gift! Huh! He called me recently and with great threatening is his voice said, “Mark, You’d BETTER be on track to complete book 2 on time. I Just finished the book you sent me.

As a good steward I confidently told him I am 10,000 words into book 2. The problem is that I am still 10,000 words into book 2. So, if you think about it. Pray for me, that I would get moving again on book 2.

“Greg, we are still planning a Christmas release date.”


Mark S Mirza