passion the pray-ers

Just for the record, the title for this blog came from David as an email he sent to me. But please, don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice guy and all, BUT, his first quote WAS NOT SO NICE!

I posted his first quote onto my FB page here. Basically he said, “Hey Mark, I started to read your book last night and it put me to sleep.”

Being the positive thinker I am I chose to applaud the fact that my book is soothing.

So I was very pleased to get the following email from Dave today:

Hi Mark:

First of all let me say it was good to meet you last week at ICRS. You definitely have a passion for prayer and that became more evident as I read your book “The Prayers”. Just seeing the prayers flow from the book was encouraging. I enjoyed the way Hael and Dale interacted. Did you put the questions to the Wesley prayer book or someone else? Just wanted to let you know I finished it and did not fall asleep. Blessings and looking forward to the next book.

Dave Allen

Lam. 3:22-24

Seriously, I think he and I are becoming friends and I think I need to move forward on book 2.


Mark S Mirza