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An Observation #FromTheRoad

By modern day, I mean the last few hundred years.

Modern day prophets have had a message, based on the circumstances of their time. And while their ultimate desire was revival, sometimes it came and sometimes it didn’t.

But often, and I mean really often, their focus, that which brought them to their knees, as prophets in the first place, was in fact, often achieved, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In particular I’m thinking about #LeonardRavenhill who for so many years saw the potential for #NuclearWar. He prompted men and women to pray regarding that potentiality.

And they got their prayer answered, the #Nuclear #Holocaust never occurred. In fact, the downfall of Communist Russia occurred and then great Church growth in Russia occurred.

So, here’s my question, “Where is the need for prophets today?” You might ask the question this way, “In what subject/s are Modern Prophets most needed today?”

You may think the work for prophets today is to do battle in and against the political arena. Personally, I’m less inclined to believe that because of verses like Romans 13:1-2 which tell me that God is the one who puts into office whom He wants, when He wants, and for the reasons He wants.

No, I think the bigger need for prophets today is to speak into the LACK OF HUMILITY in the church.

Hear me! I agree that the social ills of our day are bad and getting worse but look at the 7 things God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). Did you note the first one? Haughty eyes, arrogant eyes, lofty eyes, high eyes.



Do you think maybe we lead the world astray by our pride and arrogance? I think so. I think they look at our “haughty eyes,” and say, “Yo, dude, I don’t want any of that.”
Or maybe they say, “Yo, dude, I have enough of that in my own life, I don’t want any of yours.”

You know what I think? I think the world wants #Hope, but instead, we in the church are giving them cockiness.

If the Modern Prophet takes on the church, he shouldn’t expect many friends.



Their Plans Prompt Our Prayers

Their Plans Prompt Our Prayers

Tragic Prayers for Tragic Times

This posted Friday, Feb 25th, and is followed today with a similar theme around prayer.

Specifically, how do we pray during tragic times?

But in the post below, YOU WILL SEE BEHIND THE SCENES what the Ukrainian church is doing while their nation is being invaded by Russian forces.

Their Plans Prompt Our Prayers

Are you like me? My heart hurts to see what is going on in Ukraine. And I want to help.

So, I ask, “How can I help?”

  • You can stand on a street corner & wave a Ukrainian flag
  • You can give money
  • You can join a pro-Ukrainian parade
  • You can paint your face azure & yellow
  • You can write pretty poems
  • You can mock politicians

All of these we’ve seen on FB, Tw & IG, right?

But, there is another idea. . .
Why don’t we hear what the church in Ukraine is doing and prayerfully come alongside them?

Last night I saw this article from the SBC (

Those that have chosen to stay are committed to meeting the needs of their neighbors as they are able, and have said, “When this is over, the citizens of Kyiv will remember how Christians have responded in their time of need.”

How did that prompt you to pray?

Let me give you another peek at what the Ukrainian Church is doing.

A friend of mine (now living in Pennsylvania) started a church in Ukraine with another gentlemen, who is still there. He hasn’t been on social media for 23 hours, but as my friend is quick to note, he may just be saving his battery.

These were his last words:

How does that prompt you to pray?

Shortly before the text above, came this brief exchange:

Is any of this giving YOU hope?

I trust you are getting hope and motivation to pray for the church in Ukraine.

Again I ask you, how?

May I simply suggest, that you come to the Lord HUMBLY (Psalm 138:6, Proverbs 3:34, 1 Peter 5:5b).

I think we’ve lost the art of coming in to the Lord’s presence with humility. We don’t need bombastic praying ( or prayer filled with lots of words (Ecclesiastes 5:2, Matthew 6:7).

If you’re going to take the time to pray, then don’t run the risk of your prayers not being heard.

Ukrainian Church Plans Prompt My Praying

I watch what the Ukrainian Church is doing and I want to do my part. So, I plan to pray as follows.

Maybe this will help you also:

  • Pray for the resources of Ukrainian Christians who are helping their fellow countrymen.
  • Pray for opportunities to supply needs and the boldness to act when a need is seen.
  • Pray that each opportunity to engage their fellow countrymen, allows for a testimony of hope.
  • Pray for more connections with soldiers and with civilians.
  • Where there are tears and panic, pray these Ukrainian Christians will have a peace which transcends everyone’s understanding.
  • Pray they’d have such peace that they are embarrassed.
  • Pray for all Ukrainian Christians to be reminded that our residence is in heaven, not here on earth.
  • Pray for the freedom to shed tears.

Honored to serve,