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Italian Food Experts

Italian Food Experts

Italian Food

Italian food? We're experts!

My Friend Embarrassed Me the Other Day!

“Mark, are you ready for the food in Italy?”

I looked back at him indignantly, but he continued. “How well do you know Italian food, Mark?”

“We’re experts! We make it all the time,” I told him.

And then I gave him names!

  • De Cecco Pasta
  • Ragù Sauce
  • Kroger Frozen Pizza

Don’t non-y’all ask me any more foolish questions, okay!

ONE ONE MORE THING! The De Cecco Pasta is made in the Abruzzo Region where we are moving to!

And finally, full disclosure requires me to admit, this post is from Mark, as Naida probably won’t claim any ownership to it.

Of course, Naida and I still have prayer requests which you can lift up on our behalf.

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Just wait till you get to Italy and taste our GOOD cookin'

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Saying Goodbye to DC, Again

But this time I was not alone.

I returned to DC to introduce my replacement to the Congressional leaders and staffers we were able to visit with, on this very busy week.

Joe Fowler, who is now with CommonThreadMinistries.org (PART-TIME) was given the “baton” yesterday. And what a GREAT day we had together. He saw and experienced the relationships I’ve been able to forge, and every one we met with embraced Joe for the task he’ll now take on.

And what is the task? If you’ve heard me in your church you’ll know, “It ain’t fixing the way people think.” Our sole job, Joe’s sole job in DC and when he’s meeting with politicians under the Gold Dome in Georgia, is simple . . .

To Bear Their Burdens

Joe, the task now falls upon you, my friend. Blessings, my brother.

And all of you who read this, I trust you to pray for Joe.

Love y’all,


Of course, Naida & I still have prayer requests which you can lift up on our behalf, right here . . . MarkMirza.com